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Giovanni Maccioni

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“Varkala beach (India). Where it all started.”


A holistic approach to thinking and writing is extraordinary for two reasons: The first is curiosity. Curiosity intended as a fundamental ingredient not to understand the separate parts of a phenomenon, or the different points of view from which a phenomenon can be observed, as much as to understand the relations connecting all that is observed. The type of curiosity that automatically turns into introspection. The second reason, which is, perhaps, even more extraordinary, are people. Thinking and writing holistically requires support from other people, from specialists who are capable of providing both a detailed and an overall vision of the distinct parts of a phenomenon. A holistic approach to thinking is not such without the gratitude for who has studied, understood, investigated and shared the result of their work. Every object, every action, every event, every decision, even ourselves, truly make sense only when observed together with the environment we are part of.





Table of contents

1 Man and his needs

2 Why and how to analyze the present

3 The economic system today

4 Technology today

5 The environment today

6 Culture today

7 Politics today

8 Learn from the past to face the future

9 Globalization, ethics, measurement of civilization, management of collapse

10 Towards a new society

11 An economic system for the future

12 A future for technology

13 A future for politics

14 A future for the environment

15 A future for our culture

16 The transformation

17 Hell, heaven the spoons

“Dal Denaro al Donare, l’anagramma del cambiamento” (which approximately translates as: “from worth to worthy, the declination of change”) is the result of a holistic approach of synthesis that offers a new perspective from which to observe reality and gives the opportunity to bring new sense not only to our lives but also to what we have always judged as wrong or taken for granted. The project was born on a morning in February 2003 in Varkala, India. Over the years, an initial intuition was further developed and enriched through intellectual and scientific contributions, new tools and experiences. The book "Dal Denaro al Donare, l'anagramma del cambiamento" was finally published in 2013 as the tangible product of that initial intuition and all the detailed study and research work that had followed it. Today, this book is the reference text and theoretical corpus of the entire Giove's Way project: a new way of producing, consuming and managing resources, and a new approach to the only individual and collective life experience we have. In this book, Gratuitousness and Gratitude are the basis of a new economy, a new policy, a new law; they are the corner stones upon which we can build a new way of staying together and enjoying the wonderful opportunity that life is. This change in perspective is as simple as miraculously capable of solving all the troubles afflicting us. It is the key to a future where we can enjoy the privilege of being part of the order of things and of the flow of life. A future that is already present. An environment where we are free to evolve and become what we are meant to be: men and women, well-aware of the fact that, moment after moment, we are the responsible co-creators of our marvellous lives.



Humanity is an absolute novelty in the Evolution process of life on our planet and, perhaps in the universe. Young and inexperienced, men and women are called upon to go through this new dimension of existence. Humanity is a small child that has difficulties standing on its feet, but that, step by step, action after action, acquires a deeper knowledge and becomes increasingly aware of its potential and possibilities. Such awareness process will soon lead to a renewed integration with our mother Nature and with everyone who is sharing this adventure with us. Such integration, though, will take place at a higher level, one that has never been experienced before. For this miracle to happen, we need to be fully aware of what is happening inside and outside ourselves. We need to "learn", to marvel at every moment of life, at its precariousness, strength and constant evolution. We need to observe with curiosity our limits and mistakes, which are nothing but the irrefutable proof of the fact we are humans and part of our growth. For this miracle to come true, we need to imagine it first.

“Live every day like it's your last. Plan your future as if you were to live forever"
(Lao Tzu)

Who I am and Where I can from

One particular condition marked the very first decades of my life more than any other: loneliness. Loneliness because, straight from the start, I tended to like what people who were my age did not. In a phase of life in which we all see approval from who is around us as the absolute priority, my ideas, projects and wishes rarely coincided with someone else's.

I felt different, like something was wrong with me. Over time, loneliness intensified, until it became sadness. I was sad because I had started to believe I had only two alternatives left: staying alone or giving up what I wanted and loved in exchange for a minimum of consideration. Both options were far from tempting. With high school coming to an end and such an emotional state, I was called upon to decide on my future... I lost no time. Last day to register, Siena. In the administrative office of the university, a crowd of people is waiting in front of the help desks of their relevant faculties. I choose to queue behind the shortest line, confident that it might be the best choice for my future. A sad person, who operates and decides following such criteria, cannot but pick a sad science: Economics!

My first years in university were years of suffering. I graduated and became an entrepreneur - not by choice, but by need. I helped my parents in the family business. I stayed there for 15 years. Fifteen incredible years... Crazy years.
Yet for the first time, I realized something. My different ideas were having success. It was working! The business was doing well thanks to me! I started to see myself under a different light, to see new perspectives. The problem, now, was another: things were going so well I no longer had a single moment for myself. To take some time, I needed to go far away, I need to change continent. I was stressed! I asked myself: "Why, now that I have a successful career and I'm earning well, why can't I be free to focus on my passions, on my friends and on what I like doing?” I started to look for answers everywhere. I read, I studied, I investigated, I travelled. I looked inside myself, to the world of spirituality, of yoga, of meditation, in the quest of answers. I found the harmony I was looking for, a world of calm where everything is peace, perfection. I decided to transport this state of mind in the practical world of everyday commitments, duties and daily routines of production, banks, mortgages, bills... A disaster. Close to impossible. Practical reality seems impermeable to purity, harmony and the pleasure of being and living.

The question I pose my self at this point is: why!? Why, in a society where we seem to have everything and anything, technology, efficiency, opportunities, there does not seem to be any space for happiness, for free time to devote to ourselves and our passions?!

On a February morning in 2003, in Varkala, India, while I was running away from stress and daily duties, a convincing answer to this question slowly emerged. The answer is so convincing I sold my business to focus entirely on this project. I wrote a book gathering all the studies, experiences and answers to those questions, a book that deals with problems by focusing on their solutions. The book, entitled “Dal Denaro al Donare, l’anagramma del cambiamento” (from worth to worthy, the declination of change) appeared in bookshops in 2013, exactly 10 years after that morning in February. Giove's Way project was born: a container to gather everyone looking for solutions, alternatives, new answers to old questions. A project of integration, inclusion and sharing, to transform Gaia, the planet we live on, in a small, yet great, paradise, together.

Giovanni Maccioni

Researcher and Campaigner

The research process is on-going and evolving, with the aim of increasing integration and involvement. New contributions, knowledge and a novel awareness have brought further solidity and strength to Giove’s Way project. A process of introspection and understanding, the project is enriched not only with new approaches and perspectives but also with increasingly simpler and more effective tools, such as the Principle of PneumoPsychoSoma (spirit, body and mind), Epigenetics, Psycho-biogenealogy, PSYCH-K™ and Non-violent Communication. The integration of these new studies, approaches and tools, together with the theoretical reference provided by the book I published in 2013, have given birth to the concept of a cognitive and experiential pathway: "“Conoscere per Cambiare”", or "Learn to Change", a round of three meetings to discover ourselves and reality around us. Divided in three parts, this journey will change forever our way of seeing the world and will bring new sense to our lives. These sessions constitute a new dimension of knowledge, one that lives on the synergy and priceless contribution of all those who will be present. The idea is that of integrating a theoretical and cognitive part with a more symbolic, experiential and emotional approach to learning. Poet, actress and play director Ginola Casciani is going to accompany us through this path through games, reading, visualizations and guided meditation. Aware and integrated, we will be taken to a new way of living our lives in practice, in order to pursuit and achieve our fundamental duty as human beings: being Happy.


Advanced HWP PSYCH-K™ Facilitator

How often do we behave exactly how we would not want to behave?
How often does something stronger than ourselves seem to be forcing us into doing the wrong thing at the wrong time?
Have you ever been through a situation in which, despite the great attention you pay to avoid committing the same mistakes... You keep falling straight into them?


This happens because we have an extremely powerful decision-making mechanism inside us that is automatic and independent from our will and acts using the information archived in the course of our life experiences. Contradiction between this mechanism and our will is at the source of our anxiety, dissatisfaction and stress, because it leads us to make decisions and act differently from how we would want to.

What can we do

To be happy, contradiction between the information archived in our "automatic pilot" and what we consciously want to achieve happiness need to be reconciled. To this aim, such information needs to be "read" and adapted to our goals and to what we want.

How does PSYCH-K™ work?

Through PSYCH-K™ and the use of kinesiology, i.e. our bodies' response to what is said or thought, we can access information, traumatic experiences and sabotaging beliefs that operate powerfully and automatically against what we want and hope for. Identifying and reading such information enables us to transform it to our will and use it to support us in the achievement of our well-being and our personal, professional and emotional evolution.

Who is it for?

Everyone can use PSYCH-K™ at any age. Working directly on who benefits from it is possible from 6 years of age onwards; who is younger, or in precarious health conditions or has mobility deficits can still achieve the same efficacy through different pathways. Not only does PSYCH-K™ have no contraindications; the versatility of this tool is such that every aspect of our lives can benefit from it: from our health, relationship with ourselves and spirituality, to our emotional, sexual and professional life and our financial prosperity. The only true limit is our willingness to put ourselves to the test and achieve the goals that make us aware of our happiness.


Every "balance" (a technical term that indicates the process of transforming sabotaging experiences or beliefs) is immediately effective. This is confirmed by the kinesiology muscle test. A feeling of freedom and well-being is normally clearly perceived both during and immediately after process completion. Each balance generally lasts a few minutes. Moreover, the new perception is definitive, unless a further transformation through a new balance is requested. PSYCH-K™ also enables to bring sense to the painful situations and events that happen in our lives.


PSYCH-K™ is not a verbal therapy. For a PSYCH-K™ session to be fully effective, the facilitator does not need to have all the information. The possibility of releasing blocks and transforming limiting beliefs without having to share them offers an intimacy that enables who benefits from that session to create the ideal conditions to feel completely at ease. In case you wish to share and tell your story, all facilitators are obliged to ensure professionalism by maintaining all information received strictly confidential.

Why did I choose PSYCH-K™

™? I chose PSYCH-K™ because it works. I chose to bring PSYCH-K™ into my daily life because I love spirituality, but I also think it is of little help if it is not put into practice. I love facilitating PSYCH-K™ because kinesiology shelters from any evaluation mistakes and misinterpretations. As a matter of fact, what is brought to light in every session is the power, perfection and full potential of the person I have in front. I am proud and grateful to be, through this process, a tool for somebody else's evolution. I am grateful because confronting someone else's blocks enables me to effectively release my own. I love PSYCH-K™ because, more than having changed my life, it has given me the chance to live my life fully.

How much does it cost?

There is no fixed fee. There is no price because what a single balance provides is priceless. That is why PSYCH-K™ sessions are free. I am nonetheless happy and grateful to receive any small or consistent compensation, based on the possibilities and feelings of who attends my sessions.

Donations Credit Card/Paypal: (Reason for payment: free contribution)
Bank details: APS Giove’sWay, IBAN: IT 97 Z 08885 25500 000000072062 Banca CRAS Filiale di Montalcino. (Reason for payment: free contribution)
Cash donations are received at the meeting.

Il mio curriculum:

• Basic Course: 1-2 march 2014 – Instructor: Giancarlo Merlo.
• Pro Course: 16-18 march 2014 – Instructor: Giancarlo Merlo.
• Advanced Course: 15-18 October 2015 – Instructor: Duccio Locati.
• Basic Course Organizer: 7-8 November 2015 in Montalcino with Giancarlo Merlo.
• Divine Integration Retreat: 26-28 February 2016 - Instructor: Duccio Locati.
• Per-K Course: 22-24 July 2016 - Instructor: Robin Graham.
• Basic Course Organizer: 9-10 July 2015 in Montalcino with Giancarlo Merlo.
• Health Wellness Program Course: 24-27 November 2016 – Instructor: Duccio Locati.
• Basic Course Organizer: 24-25 June 2017 in Grosseto with Giancarlo Merlo.
• Divine Integration Retreat: 1-3 September 2017 - Instructor: Irene Menis


Balance for a Specific Goal: Just like every one of us, you have your goals, projects and wishes. This type of balance enables you to realign your subconscious beliefs and concentrate your energies on achieving what makes you aware of being happy and self-realized.
Balance for Stress and Trauma Release: We all have different types of life experiences, many of which are traumatic and painful and are often linked to frustration, mourning, failures, accidents and humiliation. All the events that have caused you stress and unease in the past are, today, at the basis of your anxieties, fears and phobias, to the point they are blocking you or making you give up on your projects. Thanks to this balance you will be in peace with events of your life that have caused you suffering, you will be able to let go of situations and beliefs that are imposing limits on you and your future... Your creativity and innovative solutions will emerge in a natural way.
Chakra Balance: Your full and harmonious realization depends from a balanced and synchronous functioning of your being. Chakras are vital energy points associated to fundamental aspects of your personality. A simple investigation of these points can identify what is not working at its best in your life and consequently balance and harmonize it.
Relationship Balance: We are all constantly integrated in a network of relations with something or someone: partners, siblings, health, objects, friends, situations, even ourselves. The relationship balance transforms problematic and painful relations into relations of love and understanding based on mutual support and respect. The relationship balance can be used to peacefully and gratefully let go of situations that have become toxic. The presence of the other person involved in the relationship is not necessary.
Alternative Life Balance: This balance creates, at subconscious level, the preference for a different life condition. It is a very powerful awareness process that starts exactly from your current condition. Even though it is sometimes painful and frustrating, your current life carries precious messages and information: once you have made sense out of what is happening to you, you will be ready to create and integrate, at an inner level, with your alternative life... The one you have always wanted... In the wait for it to manifest itself. This balance can be used multiple times for different conditions.
Core Belief Balance: An effective way of discovering and transforming core beliefs that can prevent you from reaching your desired life goals: it includes 13 pairs of beliefs linked to vital issues such as loving yourself, forgiving, spirituality, etc. Usually, this kind of balance is only needed once in a lifetime.
Syntony Balance: A process that, by balancing your visual, phonetic /auditive and kinaesthetic communication channels will enable you to optimize and strengthen your verbal and non-verbal communication with anyone. This balance is fundamental for who is willing to improve interpersonal relationships with any interlocutor or who needs to do public speaking. Usually, this kind of balance is only needed once in a lifetime,
Life Bonding Balance: Life manifests itself to us through two main events: birth and death. This balance uses breathing techniques to reprogram stress associated to your experience of birth and perception of death... A powerful and progressive experience, it creates the conditions for you to live life freely and with the right focus on each of its moments. Usually, this kind of balance is only needed once in a lifetime.
Optimal Health Balance: An effective process to discover and balance the beliefs that are preventing you to reach optimal physical, psychological and spiritual health conditions: it includes 22 pairs of beliefs that medical and scientific research have shown to be linked to an ideal and integrated state of well-being and harmony. Usually, this kind of balance is only needed once in a lifetime.
Protocol for Allergies and Intolerances: Allergies and intolerances are almost always associated to a person and linked to stressful or traumatic events of the past; this procedure identifies and releases all circumstances that determine undesired reactions in your body, funnelling the underlying energy towards new and better goals.

Personal Evolution Path

Dedicated to those who want to create a solid base on which to structure their change towards their own self-realization and the free expression of themselves. 10 meetings in which we will clarify what are your concrete objectives, we will transform the blocks that prevent you from reaching them and we will create solid bases so that you can make your desires come true.

In our first meeting we will work on the emergency so that you can be centered on your current condition and you can make sense of what happens to you.
In the next meeting we will shed light on your goals, on what you really want, out of constraints or conventions.
In the following 6 meetings we will lay the foundations for your realization through: balancing your link with life, balancing your fundamental beliefs, balancing the tuning of your communication and perception channels, re-balancing chakras, the concrete vision of an alternative life. We will also emerge and transform limiting beliefs and experiences that sabotage your self-fulfillment.
We will conclude your Personal Evolution Course with a session aimed at consolidating your change so that you are free to live your new independent and independent life.

Contact me for info and costs on your Personal Evolution Path
IMPORTANT Whatever the situation, keep in mind that PSYCH-K® is a non-verbal therapy targeted to the transformation of your harmful beliefs; it is not designed to perform any kind of diagnosis and is not intended to replace medical care or psychological counselling.


Giancarlo Merlo

I met Giancarlo Merlo in Rimini in 2014 during the first PSYCH-K course I attended. Our friendship and collaboration started there. We have organized courses to spread the knowledge of this extraordinary tool. We support each other and share success stories and doubts linked to our personal growth pathway. Thank you Giancarlo.
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Diego Barilli

I met Diego Barilli at the Divine Integration Retreat in 2016. His simplicity, acuteness and curiosity surprised me. I received from him valuable opportunities to share viewpoints and deepen my knowledge. Thanks to him, I became familiar with Antonio Bertoli's Psycho-biogenealogy and with Doctor Hamer's German New Medicine approach. Today, Diego is not only a precious source of engaging discussions and inspiration, but also a dear Friend.
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Ginola Casciani

Ginola Casciani is constantly present in my life. Her presence is as discrete and as decisive as it is constant. Thanks to her, the round of meetings "Conoscere per Cambiare", or "Learn to Change", started. They are, to date, the most innovative and revolutionary knowledge-spreading programme of the entire Giove's Way project.
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Stefania Bellucci

A friend, companion, supporter, reference point...and much more, Stefania helped me find the right balance and awareness for my self-realization. Her presence in my life is so crucial I asked her to become my wife... She accepted.
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Claudio Lissi

Claudio has believed in the Giove'sWay project since before I believed it myself. Today for me it represents a point of reference, a serious and reliable professional and, above all, a trustworthy person. The dowry I value most in him is the great desire to improve each other to always give the best of themselves.
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